Interviews and clearance


If you are invited for an interview you must expect to be interviewed by more than one person. The panel will ask questions that are intended to allow you to expand on your application and to demonstrate the extent to which you meet the requirements of the post.

Candidates travelling to Hull from outside the City boundary will normally be reimbursed the standard return rail/public transport fare from their home address to the place of interview, and a meal allowance if appropriate. Relevant receipts must be submitted along with the claim form.

Applicants selected for interview will be required to produce certificates, diplomas etc, referred to in their applications.


For all posts requiring a DBS check, it is the Council's policy that two references are requested for all short-listed candidates prior to interview. For all posts that do not require a DBS check one reference is requested for the preferred candidate after interview. 

If you are unemployed, former employers should be nominated as referees and if you have never been employed, your Head of School or senior teacher may be used. References must be given by someone who is qualified to give such opinions i.e. not personal friends.

The Council reserves the right to contact any former employer, or other appropriate person, where it is deemed that some further investigation is reasonably required prior to making an appointment. 

It will not be acceptable to nominate members of your family as referees, unless you have been directly employed by the relative and the reference is being given by the relative in his/her capacity as an employer.

Medical Clearance

Appointments are subject to a satisfactory medical report. Successful candidates are normally required to complete a medical questionnaire, although on occasions the Council may require that a medical examination and/or chest X-ray be carried out.