Humber Mouth Literature Festival 2014 Special Commission

This year’s Humber Mouth Literature Festival aims to highlight literature that questions and challenges what has gone on in the past and how that might affect the future. 2014 marks the 75th anniversary of the birth of Marvin Gaye and the 30th anniversary of his death.  His defining song What’s Going On from 1971 is an example of a lyric with popular appeal that also provided a commentary on society at that time. It was written as a response to events surrounding the Vietnam War.

What's Going On – a response to War and Conflict will therefore be the overarching theme which binds together all of the artists who perform and are celebrated at the Festival.

We would like to invite applications for Special Commissions from writers and artists in all media, supporting new work, of up to £1,000 for any of the following -

  • literary projects
  • performance events
  • workshops
  • text based artwork or multimedia
  • serialisations
  • digital projects
  • cross arts events (music, film etc which recognise the festival’s focus on text and language)
  • new forms of publication or distribution
  • exhibitions

We are looking for original and exciting ideas and welcome proposals from individuals or groups. All Special Commissions are to take place during Humber Mouth 2014 (Friday 7 to Monday 17 November) in the city of Hull. We are looking for at least 30 per cent of activity to take place outside of the city centre and HU5 area.

Please note - preference will be given to projects which make reference to the theme What’s Going On – a response to war and conflict
It should have intrinsic literary or artistic value.

We would also encourage consideration of the following -

  • demonstrate the intention to increase participation in literature or other art forms within the community
  • fulfill a developmental or educational role
  • take place as a residency in the children’s sections of local libraries
  • take place outside city centre and HU5

Applications must be typed and include - 

  • your name, address, email and or contact number
  • a title and description of the event, project or programme of work you are proposing, the name of the lead individual or organisation involved, plus proposed dates and venue if known
  • a description of the intended audience or participants. If your idea involves an educational or training element please specify the intended learning outcomes for participants
  • a full budget (including all fees, hires, materials etc) and details of the amount you are applying for. Please note we cannot fund the purchase of capital items
  • a brief description of your proposal to be used for publicity purposes which must be no more than 100 words

Applications may be submitted by post or email to the addresses below. 

Please note - Humber Mouth operates an equalities policy and eligibility for funding depends upon being able to demonstrate a clear commitment against all forms of discrimination on grounds of race, religion, sexuality, gender or disability.

The deadline for receipt of proposals is Friday 26 September 2014.

Contact us

Humber Mouth 2014
City Arts Unit
Fourth Floor
Kingston House
Bond Street

Tel: 01482 300 300