A message from the festival co-director

What's going on?

I can't promise these next 10 dates for your diary will give you the answer, but hey sometime's its best not to know.

I remember my first experience of literature readings sitting somewhere at the back of the audience so I could make a quick exit if required. But most of these writers held me. I was transfixed by the way words were welding together so seamlessly. Some like every day speech, making me wish I had written that, but some poems like spider'sthreads weaving round the room and attaching themselves to me. I took these home and and it made me want to try harder.

So, swerving east from rich industrial shadows, this year we have writers from Brazil, USA, Finland and the UK. I still sit towards the back at readings I attend but I am in no fear of leaving these 10 days of events early and I hope to see some of you sitting there wishing you had written what you are hearing.

So I ask the question again 'what's going on?' Well in the distance I can hear the Humber Mouth, clearing its throat and if you care to turn these pages (PDF document below) it will tell you what is going on.

Shane Rhodes, Festival Co-director

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