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Parking permits, restrictions and zones

In an order to make printing of permit application forms easier and cheaper we have removed all colour shading and highlighting. They are now in black and white. Please take care when completing any form and ensure that you have supplied the necessary information.

Residents of a controlled zone can apply for all council parking permits at an appropriate library or customer service centre (CSC) or by downloading the appropriate application form and sending it along with the copies of the necessary documents and payment to the address at the bottom of the page.

This applies to residents' parking permits, scratch cards for visitors who are staying at a household where a resident's permit is required.

We are currently transferring responsibility for permits to libraries and away from customer service centres. At present the following libraries can issue permits with others to follow -

  • Avenues Library
  • Bransholme Library
  • Central Library
  • Fred Moore Library
  • Greenwood Library
  • Ings Library
  • Western Library

Find your nearest library

Extension to ZONE B – Information

Zone B which covers an area outside the city centre is to be extended to have as its boundaries Ferensway, Hessle Road, Rawlings Way and Anlaby Road. Currently parking controls exist from Monday to Friday, new regulations will alter this to restrict parking Monday to Saturday.

Starting Friday 21 March letters and permit application forms will be hand delivered to all households within the existing and new extension to Zone B. In order that all permit applications can be processed please ensure that applications are received by Friday 11 April. Permits will be hand delivered towards the end of April. Permits already issued for Zone B will remain valid.

In excess of 2,200 households are affected and this will be a major undertaking. 

Zone B will go live on or after Monday 5 May 2014 once all road markings and signs are in place. All information will be advertised here.

If you are in need of an additional permit application one can be printed under the heading Residents parking permits below is a link titled Two hour zone residents’ exemption application.

All households’ should have now received a parking permit application form and covering letter. Additional forms can be obtained by contacting the Parking Department by calling 01482 331 104 or emailing

Since permit applications were sent out to all residents a number of questions have been raised about parking within Mews Areas. These are the cul de sacs where parking places cannot be marked out. Once the extension to Zone B is complete non permit holders will be prohibited from parking in this area between the hours of 8am to 6pm on all days other than Sundays. Householders feel that the cost of purchasing day permits along with the number available will cause hardship.

These comments have been listened to and it has been decided that where possible every household within a Mews Parking Area will be entitled to apply for a permit that will not be restricted to any particular vehicle. Unfotunately due to a shortage of parking space these permits will not be available to residents of the high rise flats in the zone. Instead of a registration number this permit will carry the name of the residents close or court.  It will be valid only within that close / court and should be used solely by visitors to the household. It can be purchased in the same fashion as standard permit and will cost £7.50. This should alleviate the problems caused by the parking restriction outside these homes. A letter explaining this change and application form will be sent to all affected households prior to Sunday 13 April. 

Update as at Friday 30 May 2014

All permit applications have now been processed. The enforcement team have visited all areas within the zone on a number of occasions and so far have issued warning notices i.e. notices that do not have a monetary penalty. As of Monday 2nd June full enforcement will commence when any penalty charge notice issued will carry a monetary penalty.

Parking permits

We provide three types of residents’ parking exemption permits -

1. Two hour zone

To prevent congestion by all day parking around the city centre and in other high demand locations, there are parking zones limited to two hours. If you live in one of these zones or have a business in one of these zones you may apply for exemption from the restrictions by obtaining a residents exemption permit or business resident permit (badge) and displaying it in your car.

Residents parking permits

The resident parking permit exemption application form is available to download below -

To show that you are a resident and own the vehicle concerned you must include with your application -

  • a copy of the DVLA registration documents for your vehicle, showing the your name and address
  • a copy of proof of your residency at the given address (for example, your current domestic council tax statement)
  • a cheque or postal order (made payable to 'Hull City Council') for the permit cost.

Limited exemption for visitors is also available by purchasing scratch cards. Up to 10 cards may be purchased each month for use by visitors and trades people and act as a parking permit for one day. Proof of residency is required when purchasing a scratch card. The cost of a scratch card is currently 50p.

Business parking permit

Currently you can apply for two business permits in any controlled parking zone other than the city centre. This exemption may be appropriate if parking space becomes too congested. 

To qualify for a business permit you must -

  • pay business rates directly to the council for a business within a controlled parking zone  
  • not be living at the business (if you do live at the premises, you may be entitled to a household permit)

The permit can be used by any member of staff or visitor who has to use their vehicle for the business. A maximum of two permits will be issued per property, and no visitor permits (scratch cards) are allowed.

Businesses that do not have logos on their vehicle should write to Streetscene Parking detailing their business needs in order that their applications can be assessed.

Permit cost
Permit - £7.50 per year

The business parking permit exemption application form is available to download below -

2. City centre meter zone residents’ exemption permit

If you live in the city centre controlled zone, and you have a city centre meter zone residents' exemption permit, you can park in designated parking bays during the restricted hours of 8am to 6pm without displaying a pay and display ticket.

The city centre meter zone parking permit exemption application form is available to download below -

With your application you must include -

  • a copy of proof of your residency at the given address (for example, your current domestic council tax statement)
  • a copy of the DVLA registration documents for your vehicle, showing your name and address
  • a cheque or postal order (made payable to 'Hull City Council') for the permit cost

Permit costs
First permit - £75 for 12 months

3. Stadium zones exemption permit

These restrictions are designed to prevent customers of the KC Stadium from parking in residential areas around the stadium during social hours.

If you live in one of the stadium zones you may be exempt from the parking restrictions - you will need to apply for a stadium zones exemption permit. You can also apply for two exemption permits for your visitors. Visitors' permits are issued annually and do not carry a registration number allowing them to to be used by any visitors or trades people.

The stadium zones parking permit exemption application form is available to download below -

With your application you must include -

  • a copy of the DVLA registration documents for your vehicle, showing the your name and address
  • a copy of proof of your residency at the given address (for example, your current domestic council tax statement)
  • a cheque or postal order (made payable to 'Hull City Council') for the permit cost.

Permit costs
The stadium zones exemption permit is free. However, there is a £7.50 replacement fee, should the permit be lost or stolen.

4. Parking exemption permits (PEPs)

Parking exemption permits (PEPs) are for commercial vehicles that need to undertake maintenance or improvement work to roads or properties in the city. A vehicles presence must be essential to the work going ahead. Commercial vehicles for example vans will only be issues with a PEP.

Please note city centre PEPs will be limited to a maximum of three streets for each permit issued. Outside the city centre will be a free zone.

The PEP must be clearly displayed to be valid and are not valid if the vehicle causes an obstruction.

A parking exemption permit must be applied for in advance of when it is required by the business or trade person who is using it, not the resident of the property.

To apply for a PEP complete the online form below. Your application will be processed and your permit will be available to collect at a customer service centre during normal opening hours.

Our online forms are currently unavailable. We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

You can also apply for a parking exemption permit at a customer service centre or library.

Find your nearest library

Permit costs
For a location within the city centre the cost is -

  • £10 for the first day
  • £5 for each day following
  • £50 per month

For a location outside of the city centre PEPs are free. Hull City Council vans may receive PEPs free of charge upon production of a Hull City Council ID badge.

Parking areas
Some streets are exempt as they are too narrow to allow vehicles to park without causing an obstruction. The list of these streets is available to download below -

Customers may have previously been granted PEPs for these streets however these are no longer permitted.

Controlled parking

There are many areas in the city where parking is restricted - examples are given below.  Please contact us if you require more information.

I want to know the parking charges for car parks in Hull

On-street parking 

On-street city centre parking is available between the hours of 8am and 6pm and is controlled by ‘Pay & Display’ ticket machines.

£2.90 for two hours (maximum) or the relevant fraction (for example, £1.45 for one hour).  

Parking bays

Where parking bays are marked out, either on-street or in an off-street car park, it means that special conditions apply to parking there. The bays might be reserved for the disabled or for loading for example.

If you decide that you are clear to park there, you must make sure all the wheels of your vehicle are inside the parking bay – the vehicle must also not over hang the bay.
Once parked it is your duty to look around for signs saying what other conditions apply. It may be that a payment must be made or there is a parking time limit or maybe some residents are exempt but not others.
The bays may be marked for individual cars or be one long bay for multiple cars. Whenever you park in a marked bay always check for the special conditions that apply.

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