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Local elections

Local election results 2014

The local elections took place on Thursday 22 May 2014.

Hull is divided into 23 wards for electoral purposes. Each ward elects either two or three councillors, giving a total of 59.

Following the local election, Labour has retained control of Hull City Council with 39 seats out of a total of 59.

New councillors will take up their new roles from midnight on Sunday 25 May. Any changes to the cabinet will be announced at the council’s annual general meeting on 19 June.

before elections
after elections
Labour Group 38 39
Liberal Democrat Group 16 15
Hull Independent Group 2 0
Conservative Group 2 2
Hull Red Labour 0 2
Vacant 1 0
UK Independence Party 0 1

Full results of the local election 2014


Name of candidate Description Result
Brabazon, Majorie Ann Labour Party 1303
Butterworth, Simone Liberal Democrats 1152
Deane, Martin John Green Party 771
Hayward, Alexander David Conservative Party 211
Rejected ballot papers 39
Eligible electorate 9818
Turnout 35.4%


Name of candidate Description Result
Bond, Daniel Mark Conservative Party 154
Payne, Ruth Deborah Liberal Democrats 1150
Pocknee, Philip David Labour Party 807
Salvidge, Paul Nigel UK Independence Party 809
Rejected ballot papers 14
Eligible electorate 9610
Turnout 30.5%

Bransholme East

Name of candidate Description Result
Baxter, Colin Robert Conservative Party 111
Harrison, Anita Labour Party 1033
Wood, Eleanor Frances Liberal Democrats 119
Rejected ballot papers 30
Eligible electorate 7110
Turnout 18%

Bransholme West

Name of candidate Description Result
 Barnes, Eden Conservative Party 48
Webster, Philip John Labour Party 596
Wood, David Liberal Democrats 57
Worrall, Colin David UK Independence Party (UKIP) 550
Rejected ballot papers 6
Eligible electorate 6137
Turnout 20%


Name of candidate Description Result
Fareham, John Logan Conservative and Unionist Party 1161
Johnson, Malcolm Peter UK Independence Party (UKIP) 377
Robinson, Sarita Roseanne Liberal Democrats 70
Rouse-Deane, Karen Jane Labour Party 669
Russell, James Edward Green Party 159
Rejected ballot papers 7
Eligible electorate 6525
Turnout 37.4%


Name of candidate Description Result
Lunn, Gwendoline Labour Party 696
Payne, Cheryl Elizabeth Liberal Democrats 967
Shepherd, Robert Brian UK Independence Party (UKIP) 731
Whitehead, Eleonor Ruth Conservative Party 140
Rejected ballot papers 12
Eligible electorate 9004
Turnout 28.2%


Name of candidate Description Result
Anwar, Salman Conservative Party 82
Chambers, Linda Liberal Democrats 1488
Hornby, Jannette Labour Party 802
Paterson, John UK Independence Party (UKIP) 714
Rejected ballot papers 21
Eligible electorate 9702
Turnout 32%


Name of candidate Description Result
Crompton, John Mathew Conservative Party 113
Dad, Jacqueline Liberal Democrats 1493
Singh, Surjit UK Independence Party (UKIP) 884
Spooner, Paul Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts 67
Thompson, Denise Labour Party 846
Rejected ballot papers 7
Eligible electorate 10185
Turnout 33.4%


Name of candidate Description Result
Mackay, Philip Conservative Party 236
Phillips, Adam UK Independence Party (UKIP) 940
Robinson, John Graham Liberal Democrats 202
Thompson, Michael Harold Labour Party 1267
Rejected ballot papers 10
Eligible electorate 9448
Turnout 21%


Name of candidate Description Result
Clarkson, Carol Ann Labour Party 1076
Fairburn, Sophie UK Independence Party (UKIP) 747
Fisher, Leslie Harry Conservative Party 120
Keal, Elaine Lesley Liberal Democrats 89
Rejected ballot papers 1
Eligible electorate 8741
Turnout 23%


Name of candidate Description Result
Belcher, Sharon Valerie Labour Party 1172
Chaytor, Sean Labour Party 1229
Galer, James Tristan Conservative Party 108
Morrison, Jake Michael Conservative Party 121
Penna, Julian Marcus UK Independence Party (UKIP) 640
Tompsett, Margaret Forrest Liberal Democrats 105
Tompsett Brian Charles Liberal Democrats 94
Rejected ballot papers 7
Eligible electorate 9404
Turnout 20.9%


Name of candidate Description Result
Fallin, Lee Gordon James Liberal Democrats 193
Lammiman, Michael John Green Party 182
Mancey, Martin Labour Party 1020
Myers, Joshua Conservative Party 107
Smith, Stanley UK Independence Party (UKIP) 740
Rejected ballot papers 9
Eligible electorate 10270
Turnout 21.72%


Name of candidate Description Result
Bond, Stephanie Anne Conservative Party 90
Carter, Steven Vincent George Liberal Democrats 224
Clark, Alan Labour Party 839
Coupland, Gillian Ann UK Independence Party (UKIP) 450
Rejected ballot papers 15
Eligible electorate 8198
Turnout 15.2%

Orchard Park and Greenwood

Name of candidate Description Result
Davison, Dehenna Sheridan Conservative Party 9
Geraghty, Terence Labour Party 1097
Hordon, Karl William UK Independence Party (UKIP) 833
Needham, Carole Angela Green Party 55
Randall, Christine Elizabeth Liberal Democrats 132
Rejected ballot papers 4
Eligible electorate 9400
Turnout 22.7%


Name of candidate Description Result
Bell, Abigail Katherine Liberal Democrats 1321
Fields, Malcolm Ernest Labour Party 766
Fuller, Naomi Conservative Party 75
Mawer, Peter UK Independence Party (UKIP) 631
Rejected ballot papers 11
Eligible electorate 9101
Turnout 30.9%

Southcoates East

Name of candidate Description Result
Barrett, Richard Keith UK Independence Party (UKIP) 638
Beckton, Samuel Gary Conservative Party 65
Gemmell, David William Labour Party 629
Healand, Allen Frederick Liberal Democrats 53
Rejected ballot papers 4
Eligible electorate 5961
Turnout 23.3%

Southcoates West

Name of candidate Description Result
Brady, Stephen Labour Party 868
Chambers, Michael Wilfred Liberal Democrats 54
Harris, Oliver Conservative Party 67
Hookem, Michael UK Independence Party (UKIP) 446
March, Peter Rowland Trade Unionists and Socialists Again Cuts 30
Rejected ballot papers 3
Eligible electorate 5929
Turnout 24.8%

St Andrews

Name of candidate Description Result
Cook, Robert Anthony Conservative Party 40
Fairburn, Kenneth Andrew UK Independence Party (UKIP) 347
Fudge, Nadine Labour Party 608
Henry, Tracey Irene Liberal Democrats 114
Kelsey, Simon Peter Independent 150
Rejected ballot papers 3
Eligible electorate 5850
Turnout 21.6%


Name of candidate Description Result
Keal, Terence Edward Liberal Democrats 1092
Morfitt, Anthony John UK Independence Party (UKIP) 716
Oakley, Christopher Conservative Party 134
Vaughan, Theresa Labour Party 924
Rejected ballot papers 13
Eligible electorate 9610
Turnout 29.9%


Name of candidate Description Result
Butler, Victoria Jayne UK Independence Party (UKIP) 611
French, Leon Sean Conservative and Unionist Party 117
Howarth, Richard John Green Party 120
Randall, Chris Liberal Democrats 221
Wilson, Steven Paul Labour Party 702
Rejected ballot papers 3
Eligible electorate 7255
Turnout 24.6%


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