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Apply for a council home
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Bidding for a council home

Priority bands for council housing

When you apply to register on the housing list we use the information you have provided on your application form to assess your housing need. The table below shows the various priorities and points which we use to assess housing need. If you would like more detailed information you can find this in our Lettings policy which is available to download below.

Band Circumstances Brief explanation
  • Two or more Band B priorities, or
  • One Band B priority armed forces personnel as defined in the Housing Act 1996 (Additional Preference for Armed Forces) (England) Regulations 2012.
B Homeless priority in need Unintentionally homeless and in priority need
Medical priority Urgent need to move on medical grounds
Prohibition order When a prohibition order is served on a property due to serious disrepair.
Severe overcrowding Lacking four or more bedrooms according to our lacking bedrooms calculation (see table below)
Move on Living in supported accommodation but ready for independent living and referred for re-housing through the Council's Move On protocol by the current support provider.
Care leavers Care leavers as defined in the Children Act 2000 who are able to sustain a tenancy and do not currently have settled accommodation.
C Points
125 Temporary accommodation Living in hostel, hotel, bed and breakfast or Hull City Council temporary accommodation.
100 Homeless - no priority need Homeless but not in priority need
100 Need to move to the area to keep or take up employment Has permanent employment or an offer of permanent employment in Hull and needs to move from outside the Hull boundary to accept or keep the employment
100 High level support Needs to be in a certain area in order for you to give or receive a high level of support or care
50 Lacking bedrooms

This is calculated based on -

  • each person aged 10 or over needing their own bedroom
  • two children of the same sex aged under 10 being able to share
  • two children of either sex under the age of six being able to share

50 points are awarded for each bedroom lacking.

50 Under-occupying a council home by one or more bedrooms

Living in a council property and it is under-occupied (based upon the same rules as above). 50 points are awarded for each bedroom that the property is under-occupied by.

Tenants that are under-occupying may also be considered under our tenant incentive (downsizing) scheme

50 Need to remain in the area for children's education Needs to stay in the same area they already live in for their child's primary or senior school
50 Home requires extensive repairs Private Housing (Environmental Health) Team have identified category one hazards at property
35 Split household Household cannot live together due to no suitable accommodation or medical circumstances
30 Has child(ren) under five and lives in a flat, maisonette or bedsit above the ground floor with no level access (lift) As stated
10 Sharing a bath/shower Sharing with another household
10 Sharing a kitchen Sharing with another household
10 Sharing an inside toilet Sharing with another household
10 Need to move to be near children's school Need to move to the catchment area of child's primary or senior school
10 Need to be near place of worship Needs to be close to a regular place of worship
10 Need to be near family or friends to give or receive low level support As stated
5 Parental contact with children Has overnight parental contact with their children.
D 5 Armed forces Armed forces personnel as defined in The Housing Act 1996 (Additional Preference for Armed Forces) (England) Regulations 2012 and does not have a Band B priority(*) these points are in addition to any other points)
10 Local connection to Hull As stated
5 No local connection to Hull As stated
E Unacceptable behaviour Has been in breach of a tenancy agreement or has been guilty of behaviour that would be in breach of a tenancy had they been a tenant, but the behaviour is not serious enough for the person to be ineligible for an offer of accommodation

How bids are prioritised

Bids are prioritised in the first instance by the Band the customer is in – Band A is the highest, Band E is the lowest. 

Within each Band, we then prioritise as follows -

  • Band A - by the number of priorities followed by the date that the Band A status was awarded

  • Band B - by the date the Band B status was awarded

  • Band C - by the number of points followed by the date the housing application was made

  • Band D - by the number of points followed by the date the housing application was made

  • Band E - by the date the housing application was made

Please note - bids that customers make for properties they are not eligible for are not considered.

Lettings Policy

Download our Lettings Policy below for further information.

PDF Icon Lettings policy (size: 138.3 Kb)
(link opens in new window)

Sensitive allocations

Occasionally we may advertise a property as a sensitive allocation. We will consider applicants' suitability for such a property based upon information we have about them, (such as previous criminal convictions or anti social behaviour history), and our knowledge of the property, its location or its neighbours.

Further information about sensitive allocations is available in our lettings policy (see above). If you require further information about the sensitive allocation for a specific property you have seen advertised, please contact the Homesearch Team.


If you do not think we have placed you into the correct band you can ask us to look at your application again.

Change of circumstances

If your circumstances have changed since you applied we may be able to reconsider your priority on our housing list. It is important that you tell us about any change in your circumstances as we may not be able to offer you a property that you have successfully bid for if our records are not correct.

Contact us

Hull City Council
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Tel: 01482 300 300
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