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Electoral register (electoral roll)

You can only vote in local, national and European elections if you are registered on the electoral register (also known as the electoral roll).

The electoral register is a list of all the residents in Hull who are eligible to vote at local, national and European elections.

All citizens of Britain, Ireland, European Union and Commonwealth countries should register to vote.

More information about eligible countries

Annual canvassing

Each year, electoral services send voter registration forms to each of the 117,000 households in Hull asking them to register all eligible voters and anyone who will become 18.

This year the voter registration forms will be sent out in October. Printed on this form are the names of the people currently registered to vote at each property. If you wish to add or remove a name from the register you must make the change on the form and return it to us.

If there are no changes to the details on the form you can now register by freephone, online or by text to confirm your details. The form contains the information you will need to reply in this way.

The information provided from this annual canvass of all the households will form the basis of the new electoral register, which will be published on 17 February 2013.

You must, by law, return the form each year, whether you choose to use your vote or not is your choice. If you do not respond to the annual canvass request or provide false information on the form, you may be liable to a fine of £1,000.


Students may register at both their home address and their term-time university address.

Students can vote in local government elections at both their home and at their term-time address, as long as they are not in the same local government area.

Students can’t vote twice in a UK Parliamentary, Scottish Parliamentary, National Assembly for Wales or European Parliamentary election.

Visit About My Vote for more information (link opens in a new window)

How to register or change your details

You will need to complete a simple registration form to register on the electoral register.

If you have moved, changed your name, or are not yet registered you can update your details on the electoral register at any point during the year.

More information about registering or changing your details on the electoral register

Registering to vote anonymously

If you feel your safety may be at risk if your details were published on the voters list, you can apply to register anonymously.

More information about registering anonymously

Certificate of residence

If you are already on the electoral register you can get a certificate of residence from us. If you are not yet registered you will need to complete a voter registration form and send it to us.

Electoral register and credit

If you have been turned down for credit because you are not on the electoral register, the first thing you should do is contact us to check if you are actually registered to vote.

The credit referencing agencies are allowed by law to buy a copy of the electoral register so they can check that people live where they say they are. However, it does take them some time to update their records, so they may not have up to date information.

Electoral register and council tax

If you pay council tax you are not automatically registered to vote, this is because council tax and the electoral roll are separate.

Not all council tax payers are eligible to appear on the electoral roll. For example, this could be due to their nationality. However, some people are exempt from paying council tax but may still register to vote.

Find out which countries are eligible to vote in elections

Inspecting the register

We publish an updated electoral register each year, the next register will be published on 17 February 2014. The electoral register is available for sale, public record and inspection.

More information about inspecting the register

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