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So long Nigel and welcome to John !

Nigel has now left Hull and has gone to work in Leeds.  Before he went he said a big "thank you" to everyone who sent him emails about a whole range of topics for him to answer, such as, which hair gel he uses, which football team does he support, as well as some quite personal matters that you shared with him about your lives and asked him for his advice and guidance.  As Nigel leaves we would like to welcome John Readman the new Director of Children and Young People Services to Hull and he will continue to offer plenty of information, advice and guidance on young people related matters.


Got a question for us?

John Readman is the new director of children and young people’s services at Hull City Council - so he's the man in charge of a whole range of services which affect the lives of 57,000 children and young people that live in Hull.

Fill in the form by following the link below, and send it back to John. Visit this page to see the questions that other people are asking and see what John has to say...

New questions and answers will be added regularly.

George asked... "did you have a nice christams...and di you watch dr who?"

Hi George. Thanks for getting in touch. I had a really nice Christmas with my family - I hope you had a nice time too. I'm looking forward to seeing what the new Doctor's going to be like! Nigel

Megan asked "why dont we run any free fairs like hull fair during the summer holidays i no that hull fair is nt free but it would be good entertainment for all ages you can win prizes their is fairground rides so why are we the most boring city ????!!!!"

Hello Megan, thank you for your email and the suggestion. I wonder have you looked on the website for summer activities. There are many exciting things to do in Hull and to meet new friends. Nigel

Keren asked "im looking for a local football team for my 4 almost 5 year old son Jude. we are located east hull . we cant do sat mornings."

Hello Keren

Thank you for your request for information about football activities in the East area.We have Football at Lambwath and Football at Dorchester Rd Astroturf Pavilion listed as possibilities. However, to confirm these are suitable for your requirements and for further details please contact  799070. If no one is there when you ring, please leave your name and telephone number and I am confident they will contact you as soon as possible. Nigel

Andre asked “are there any arcades in hull?”

Hi Andre, not that I know of but if you are looking for things to do there’s the cinema, bowling alley, there are youth clubs and threatres...Have a look at our events diary to get some ideas. Nigel

Chantelle asked “how many years have you been working for the enviromont?”

Hi Chantelle, I’ve been the director of children and young people’s services at Hull City Council for a number of years. My job means I’m in charge of a whole range of services which affect the lives of children and young people that live in Hull. Nigel

Andre asked “hello nigel. this is a great site. anyway, do you pefer conservatives, laubors or liberals?"

Hi Andre, thanks for your question. I’m sure all parties and candidates want to do the best for children and young people and help to improve their lives. It’s good to see you’re interested in politics. The European elections are taking place in June 2009 so why don’t you look online to see what the different parties want to do for Hull if they get elected. Nigel

Jonathon asked “why cant we have iphones in school???”

Hi Jonathon, when you’re at school it’s important that you concentrate and listen to your teachers so that you can learn all the things that they try to teach you. Nigel

Isabelle asked “do you know the greenway primary school and what do you think about it?”

Hi Isabelle, I do know Greenway Primary School and like all our schools, it does a great job in teaching and helping the children of Hull. Nigel

Sondos asked ‘where is clued up?’

Hi Sondos, Clued Up is everywhere!! We’re based at Brunswick House, where the children and young people services are, but we are also at lots of other places around Hull. Hope that answers your question. Nigel

Andre asked ‘do you like doctor who?its my favorout’

Hi Andre, thanks for your question. I’ve been a fan of Doctor Who for a long time and still enjoy it. My sons are big fans too. Nigel

Andre asked "can you recomend me some good places in hull for children"

Hi Andre

Thanks for your email and yes there is indeed lots of fun places to go and things to do in Hull.  Why don't you check out our events diary that will let you know what's happening !!  Nigel

Lily asked "what time do they start letting people in at Hull arena on the saturday night disco?"

Hi Lily, thanks for your email. I am pleased to let you know that you can get into the arena anywhere between 7.30 and 7.45pm ... Hope this helps!! Nigel

Sammy asked "Hello. Please could you add the Scouts to the website? I've been a member at St Martins Scout Group in Hull (www.stmartinsscouts.moonfruit.com) for over a year and it's great fun.I have had the opportunity to take part in a range of adventurous activities from rock climbing to zorbing (been pushed down a hill in a great big inflatable ball) and would recommend it to anyone wanting to try new and exciting experiences. Thanks very much, Sammy"

Hi Sammy

That's great to hear that you enjoy all the fun activities at the scouts and I can certainly arrange for the scouts details  to be added to the website. Nigel

Nathan asked "when do schools braek  up for ester"

Hi Nathan, schools in Hull break up for Easter Friday 3 April and return Tuesday 21 April 2009. Nigel

Kerry asked “i have been on the comtetion page ..i would like to win a wii for my sister. can you help as we cant get one...my mum said they cost to much and she have to tighen her purse....my best friend  has one and we play on it all the time...”

Hi Kerry, thanks for your email ... That's really nice you would like to win a wii for your sister ... I might not be able to buy you one but I can tell you that places like Woodford Youth Zone have lots of interactive games like this on site. Also lots of youth clubs have a wii ... Why not go along to your nearest club and get involved.  Good luck!! Nigel

Jordan asked "i want a you to put some think on about wild life and savin the palnet in hull...is their a club i can join i have a pet dog and cat but i wanna know ablout zoo pets maybe a trantila or goat...or an elephant..can you get one for hull, jordan the man aged 9."

Hi Jordan

Sounds like you are really into your wildlife eh. Check out the clubs and societies section on the Hull City Council website ... Here you will find some wildlife clubs you maybe intersted in. They may not have an elephant though haha Nigel

David asked "how come i have to pay a lot to go to ice skate..can you get it cheaper for us for at  weekend...my dad has lost his job and i am worrieed that he will say i cant go but if you fix it for cheaper then he wont say that and then we will all be happy."

Hi David

Thanks for your email and I am pleased to let you know that you may want to look at getting a youth tonic card which entitles you to cheaper skating.  Check out ice skating on the Hull City Council website for more detail. Best of luck, Nigel

Louis asked "hi nigel i got a tattoo last friday and it is itching and it is getting very annoying not been able to itch at it do you know of anything or any cream that will stop the itching or ease it wb asap thanx"

Hi Louis

Thanks for your email ... Tattoos can often become very itchy as part of the healing process.  Some people can have a mild allergic reaction with the ink of the tatoo; it may feel itchy at times, especially if it is exposed to sunlight.  If it gets worse you may need to goto your GP for further advice.  Best of luck Nigel

Kara asked "well you said on the leaflet tilbury primary school had to fill in from the hull city council you said the new school which is going to be tilbury and bethune primary school will be all as one school so tilbury and bethune will be knocked down and you said that 420 pupils will or around there will be at that school and so i thought that it would have to be a huge school and you would have to put maybe like yr 1a and yr1b and the classes could go like that and also i wonder what the two schools will be built back in to."

Hi Kara

Thank you for your question about our idea to replace Tilbury and Bethune Park Primary schools with a brand new school.  If people agree with the idea the new school will be for 420 children on a new site where we can build a really special new school. This may sound big, but we think it is still small enough to feel friendly and yet will give its children the chance to learn new things in new ways. The number of children in each class will be about the same as now, but with more space, new equipment and some different, exciting areas to learn in as well as new indoor and outdoor play areas.

If we are allowed to build the new school we will not need to keep the 2 school buildings we now have (Tilbury and Bethune buildings). We think we will replace the Bethune school with some new sports pitches and will find other ways to use the Tilbury building, like keeping the children's centre and getting other people who support children and families to work from there. But we're still looking for ideas so if you or your friends have any good ones please let me know. Thank you again for your question and please get in touch if you have any more you want to ask or find out about. Nigel

"We've just found out chill out is gonna shut by 31 march if they cant get any more funding. I go there all the time and they have helped me and my girlfriend loads. can you not give them funding coz we like our club and won't have enywhere else to go coz were too old for other clubs (we are 17) and other clubs treat us like kids. if not well get into truble all the time coz we havnt got owt else to do"

Hi Charlie, Glen, Ashley, Hayley and Sammy

Thank you for your questions. I understand your concerns about Chill Out. Two of my officers are meeting with Paul Spooner from Chill Out later this week. They will be talking about how we can work together to try to keep going the support which you get from Chill Out. Nigel

Ryan said "you are probably unaware of the growing hull parkour community ages range from around 12 to 20 and we have a lot of people that come and train on a regular basis round the city. We would like to go to gyms around hull to use crashmats and gym equipment, i was wondering if there is any chance of having funding to have a day in a gym?"

Hi Ryan

It's good to hear you and your mates are busy keeping fit and want to get involved and visit other gyms!! There are quite a few good gyms across Hull, particularly at Ennerdale Leisure Centre, Woodford and Costello Lesiure Centres.  All the centres allow young people reduced admission prices with a Tonic Youth Card.  Its for young people up to 16 years old and it costs £10 per month and gets you free entry to badminton, squash and table tennis or any other junior activity, from 4pm-6pm Monday to Friday (or 50 per cent discount outside stated times). You can also use it to get:

  • unlimited swimming during public sessions
  • 50 per cent discount on junior gym sessions and casual ice-skating
  • 20 per cent discount on junior golf prices

Also you may be thinking of buying your own gym equipment and crashmats ... Have you thought about applying to the Youth Opportuity Fund ??  It's a pot of money, that young people like yourself along with a group of your mates can apply for, to pay for activities and equipment.  The next round of applications is out in March 2009 and the form will be available from the Clued up website so watch this space !!

Georgia said "is there any thing on this syt to help deal with deaths? because ii have lost 2 family members the past month and ii dnt realii feel confident talking to any other member of family about it  :(  x taa georgia"

Hi Georgia

I am very sad to hear of your news at what must be a very difficult time for you. There are a number of websites that help people who have experienced losing loved ones, maybe you would like to visit them and see if they can support you through this difficult time.

The ones below are nationwide organisations


helpline@cruse.org.uk email address
info@rd4u.org.uk email address

If you would like to speak with someone confidentially about the way you feel you might consider contacting the Youth Counselling Support Service.  They can be contacted on 331000 and they are based at Stonefield House in the City Centre.  You can always ring to arrange an appointment to meet with a trained counsellor if you wish.  I hope this helps you to manage.


Liam said "hi im gay and 15 i am reli frustred because i like older men i dont fancy any one my age i have  2 main resons why i havent tried yet  the
first one is since im 15 if a man did anything he would get done by the police and the second i dont think older men would be intrested.IM

Hi Liam

Thank you for your email and I am sorry to hear you are you feeling lonely and frustrated.   You could maybe talk with your friends or family about the way you are feeling, they can be a great source of support at times like this but if you would rather talk with someone else about how you are feeling there are a number of groups that meet. One is the SHOUT group.  It is for young lesbian, gay and bisexual people in Hull. It meets once a week in the evening for different activities and an excellent supportive atmosphere. Call (01482) 218115 for more details. You may also like to speak with someone one on one confidentially, there is the Youth Counselling Service based at Stonefield House.  Here you can discuss the way you are feeling with a trained counsellor. They can be contacted on 331000 ... I hope this helps, Nigel

Daniel said "i would like to see more games on this website"

Hi Daniel,

Good to hear from you. We're looking into developing the site and including games... so I will feedback your comments...thanks Nigel

Liam Worthington said "we want more games."

Hi Liam Worthington
Thanks for writing in to me..just to let you know we are considering games for the site..so keep checking

Melissa said "Why does the homework page have nearly no pictures?"

Hi Melissa
Glad you raised this...I will look into this and see if we can add some more images. The library services are planning to add a lot more information to the home work area in the near future. Nigel

Danny Stones said "i would like some games on the site and a chat room please"

Hi Danny Stones
Lots of young people are asking for games and chat room to be added. We are looking at some developments to the site...so keep visiting to see what changes...thanks Nigel

Daniel Dawson said "i would like to see more games on this website"

Hi Daniel Dawson...
It's great you had a visit to our site...yes, lots of young people have been telling me we need games and I am listening and so I will raise it for you...thanks Nigel

Lee Lewis asked "could you put a search box so it is easy to get around the site"

Hello Lee Lewis...
This is a good point and I will raise this with the website people, thanks Nigel

Liam asked "youths hang outside my house what should i do"

Hi Liam

Thanks for your email ... sometimes, if you feel safe to do so, its always worth talking to the young people involved and find out a little about them.  If the young people are bored you might want to tell them about activities that they could get involved in.

If you feel the young people are less approachable, while there is nothing to stop young people generally hanging around certain places and areas, there are laws stopping people causing you or the people you live with a nuisance.  Nuisance often includes things such as bullying, harassment, intimidation ... If you feel this is happening to you, you could think about contacting the police or you may wish to contact the local area team. The team you will contact will depend on the area of Hull you live in. 

You can find more details at www.hullcc.gov.uk and search for area teams. You can also find out about the activities by looking at the Do Something area of Clued Up or visit www.hullcc.gov.uk and search for events. Nigel

Emilee asked…"Hi Nigel, how many people are found homless in hull?"

Hi Emilee
Thank you for your question. I am aware that a number of our secondary
schools are looking at the issue of homelessness at the moment. The
housing service inform us that as of today, we have 250 households who
have been accepted as having a need for assistance with housing. This
does not mean that the people do not necessarily have somewhere to live
but that they are in need of help. Our staff within Children and Young
People's Services will be working closely with the people providing
support advice and guidance to those people who are homeless. Nigel

Soph asked "do you like the jonas brothers? if you do I love nick jonas"

Hi Soph
 Yes I certainly do like the Jonas Brothers, I think the song 'a little
bit longer is' really catchy. Also I think its great that the three
brothers: Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas all get on so well...

Johan asked about free swimming over the summer at Woodford baths...

Hi Johan, thanks for the email...there is no more free swim time for Woodford baths (Friday 29th August), due to staff availability.

However, public swimming is available:

Hope this helps Nigel

Cameron asked "Do drugs kil you?"

Hi Cameron
Thank you for this question. Yes, all types of drugs can cause death.  They can do a lot of harm to the body and brain. Drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco, taking illegal drugs, can all cause serious damage to the human body …and sadly many deaths can be caused by the effects that some drugs cause… like having an accident whilst drunk or stopping breathing after taking heroin or sniffing glue.If you know someone who needs to talk about drugs tell them to talk to their parent or carer, or go to the school nurse or a youth worker.  You can also find out lots of information on the internet at www.talktofrank.com Nigel

Soph said "Thanks nigel"

That’s ok Soph ...enjoy and I hope the links helped...Nigel

Soph asked "I get bored of the same websites can you give me some new and funky ones? PLEASE!!"

Hi Soph. Thanks for the email...I guess you like this site since you have visited to ask a question ... I guess it depends what you are into. Maybe you could check out www.youthinformation.com - the site has got lots of information about a whole range of different interests. Have a look and see what you think, there are also links to other safe websites. I''ve got to say though a tried and trusted site that I like is www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies. Let me know how you get on!! Nigel

Emily asked "Do you help people in schools with dissabilities?"

Hi Emily…
Yes… part of one of my many responsibilities is to ensure that children and young people with disabilities achieve and enjoy school….at each school we have  a person called a special educational needs (SEN) coordinator, who is there to help. If  you or a friend does not  know who your coordinator is speak to your teacher. You could visit the information that is posted on this website in the achieve area and click on SEN…Nigel

Holly asked "I smoke but i want 2 stop but every tym i have muny i always seem 2 spend it on cigs wat can i do 2 help me stop?"

Hiya Holly

Thanks for your email … mmm a bit of a tricky one this … I guess its up to you to decide what you want to do with your money but if you want to give up smoking you can contact the following for advice and support ..  www.lifesaver.co.uk   or ring the quitline on 0800 002200 or www.gosmokefree.co.uk …. Good luck in quitting !!Nigel

Key asked "Do you support hull fc or hull kr?"

Hi Key

What a tough question!!  I love watching and taking part in all types of sport especially rugby league.  Here in Hull we are very lucky to have two of the very best rugby league teams and when I get chance I enjoy watching both Hull FC and Hull KR (as well as Hull City!!) Nigel

Ryan asked "How old r u and wat sports do u like?"

Hi Ryan

Thanks for your email …I'm young at heart and yep do I like sports!!  I particularly enjoy watching football and rugby but enjoy all sports.  I think sport is a brilliant way to keep fit and healthy and a great way to make lots of new friends.  If you or your friends are interested in playing a sport why don’t you check out the different clubs available by visiting www.hullcc.gov.uk and look for the children and young people’s directory.  Nigel

Sally asked "Do you help people stop smoking?"

Hello Sally
Yes I work with people in Hull who help stop people smoking. We want all our children and young people in Hull to be healthy...lots of us work together to let people know that smoking is very harmful...as you know. Some people start smoking because it makes them feel grown up and in control but the tobacco companies who make the cigarettes they’re addicted to are controlling them and laughing at the smokers for making them so rich. Nigel

Rese said "Give us some games."

Hello Rese, thanks for emailing me...as you have guessed there is a lot more to do on the website, like games and more competitions. We hope to add these as the website grows…Nigel

Maya asked "Are you a gay,clued up person?"

Hi Maya, if you mean gay as in happy yes I am a happy person...but if you mean gay as in my sexuality no I am not  a gay person. Nigel

Keira asked "I would like to be a school teacher or a actress. But i am stuck how to become famous. can you tell me please?"

Hi Keira, it's great that you are already thinking about what you want to be. You may want to visit the Connexions website, www.connexionshumber.co.uk where you can find information on how to get into acting or become a teacher.

Josh said "This site is very stupid."

Hi Josh
Phew!!!..thanks for the email…sorry you do not like the site but we have had lots of young people who have told us they do… I love it…because the website was designed by children and young people in Hull and it is a fantastic way to find out information and what is going on in Hull.  Maybe you would like to get involved to have your say on things that effect young people in Hull just go to the get involved page and join. Nigel

Beth asked "...if I have an argument at with my mum what shall I do? DO I stay in a mood with her and ignore her or shall I except what has happened and say sorry!"

It can be upsetting when you argue with your mum but remember, even people who love each other argue sometimes. Just because they fight doesn't mean they're going to stay cross with each other for long. Instead of ignoring your mum try coming up with an idea that can solve the problem so it doesn't happen again. For example, if you're fighting over tidying your room make a plan of when you are going to do it so that your mum knows and you have your free time... but don’t forget the homework... Nigel

Nat asked "Are you going to put games on your website because other child will find it more interesting and they will want to go on the website more to complete the games!! !! "

...we really want this site to grow and with children and young people’s help. But as you have guessed there is a lot more to do like games and other parts to the site. You know if you or any other young person is interested in becoming part of our groups there are many just go to the get involved page and join. Nigel

Webby asked "How can young people have a say in adding some fun and games to this cool new site?"

...from the beginning this site has been designed by children from Hull helping us choose the pictures and the things that have gone on it ... but as you have guessed there is a lot more to do and yes we are looking at games and other parts to the site. If you or any other young person is interested in becoming part of our groups there are many ways just go to the get involved page and join. Nigel

Brandon asked "Do you love this website?"

Great question. Yes, I love it...The website was designed by children and young people in Hull and it is a fantastic way to find out information and what is going on in Hull. Nigel

Alex asked "Do u support Hull City?"

Yes, I am a City fan…I go to their matches. Did you watch the match or were you in town for the celebrations on Monday? I also support Stockport County who are in League 2 but they are also in the play offs, so both my teams are doing great.  Nigel

Holly K asked "Hi nigel im really really small and people call me tiny. im got smelly feet and body oudor but deodarant doesant work what should i do i really stink."

Hello Holly K

There are a whole range of deodorants and creams you can get to try and sort it out but if your problem continues I suggest that you go to see your doctor or school nurse who might be able to help. Try not to worry – as for describing yourself as small …as you deal with these issues I am sure  you will gain confidence and your height may not become to much of an issue for you…Nigel

Lydia asked "Hi my friend is putting on wate and the nurse told her.iam trying to help her but i dont know what else to do ? or should i just leave her ? iam stuck nigel!"

Hello Lydia

Thank you for contacting me... being there as her friend is the most important thing you can do for her and I think it is really important to keep supporting your friend who may feel unhappy and feel that she has no control over this.
Perhaps you could suggest to your friend that you both talk with the nurse and her parents. You could even  suggest getting involved in activities…why not visit the enjoy life, be healthy, get involved and clued up 4 summer areas of this website …to find things for you and your friend to do…Nigel

Got a question for John ... or Judith for now !

John Readman is the director of children and young people’s services at Hull City Council - so he's the man in charge of a whole range of services which affect the lives of 57,000 children and young people that live in Hull. He is due to start work with us in Hull in the new year so in between time Judith Harwood is acting in his place, so you can let Judith know what it's like for now.

Fill in the form by following the link below, and send it back. Visit this page to see the questions that other people are asking and see what we have to say...

New questions and answers will be added regularly.

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