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Where to get free condoms

You can get a wide range of free condoms at lots of doctor’s surgeries across Hull - find out all the places you can get them on the Luv Hull website.

Luv Hull website (link opens in a new window)

Other places to get condoms from

You can buy condoms from most grocery shops, chemists and petrol stations, or from machines in bars, cafes and clubs. If you feel embarrassed, buy condoms online or from a big supermarket where you can buy other stuff at the same time.

How condoms work

Condoms are made of thin rubber and fit over the penis when it is erect.

It is designed to reduce the risk of unplanned pregnancy and the transmission of sexually transmitted infections.

Before you have sex, the boy puts one over his penis and this stops his sperm from going inside the girl's vagina.

Sperm comes out in pre cum before a boy ejaculates so put a condom on before you get going.

How to use a condom

To use a condom properly, follow these steps -

  1. Only put a condom on a fully erect penis.
  2. Check the use by date. Also look for damage to the packet. Never use an out of date condom.
  3. Only use condoms with the kitemark or CE mark. Check if your packet has one or the other.
  4. Push the condom to one side of the packet, hold out of the way and open carefully at some side. Let go of the condom and gently squeeze it out.
  5. Hold the end of the condom to squeeze the air out. Condoms burst if there is air trapped inside.
  6. Roll the condom down the penis. Be careful of long, bitten or sharp nails and jewellery.
  7. After sex, remove the condom by holding the base of the penis and sliding it off.
  8. Tie a knot in the condom, and throw it in the bin. Never flush them down the toilet!

Pregnancy prevention

Male condoms are 98 per cent effective, if they are used correctly, and they are great for preventing pregnancy and STIs. However, it’s always a good idea to use some other form of contraception as well.

Something like the pill, implant or injection can protect against pregnancy and are more then 99 per cent effective. It’s best to use one of these forms of contraception as well as condoms, which is called going ‘double dutch’, as you have double the protection against pregnancy as well as protection against STIs.

It’s also important to know that it’s a really bad idea to use two condoms at once, as the friction between them will cause them both to break.

Condom sizes

There is a massive range of condoms available, they come in lots of different sizes, shapes, flavours, colours, textures and materials. Non latex condoms are also available for those with allergies.

If the condom splits

If the condom splits it is important to get emergency contraception as soon as possible (within 72 hours).

You can get emergency contraception from your GP, family planning clinics, some pharmacies and The Wilberforce Health Centre for free. Drop in at -

The Wilberforce Health Centre
6-10 Story Street
HU1 3SA 

Tel: 01482 336 322

You can also find out where you can get emergency contraception by visiting the Luv Hull website below -

Luv Hull website (link opens in a new window)

You should also, after a couple of weeks, get an STI test, as there are many infections that don’t show symptoms. You can get an STI test at Wilberforce Health Centre in Hull or speak to your GP. Even if the man doesn’t ejaculate, they release seminal fluid (pre cum) that can contain sperm that cause pregnancy, or bacteria or viruses that cause STIs.

Some facts about condoms

  • if you follow the instructions and use a new one every time you have sex, condoms are 99 per cent effective
  • as well as stopping you from getting pregnant, condoms are the only type of contraception that can protect you against STIs
  • keep your condoms in a cool, dark place (heat can damage them)
  • condoms don't last forever, make sure you check the use by dates
  • never use a condom more than once. If you can't afford to buy them you can get some free at your local clinic, school nurse or youth centre
  • lubricants make condoms easier to put on and make sex more comfortable but don’t use any oil such as baby oil as this will increase the chances of the condom splitting. Make sure you use a lubricant that is made for use during sex
  • you can’t re-use a condom if you wash it out