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Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

Teenagers who do not use contraception have a 90 per cent chance of falling pregnant in one year. Young people who do not use condoms are also risking catching sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

STIs are passed on during sex. The most common STIs are chlamydia, gonorrhoea, genital warts and herpes and they can affect both boys and girls.

How to tell if you have an STI

If you have ever had sex without a condom then you could be at risk so it is important to get yourself checked out.

You can't always tell if you have an STI so if you think you might have caught one you should visit your doctor, a nurse or clinic as soon as possible. You can get yourself tested at -

The Wilberforce Health Centre
6-10 Story Street

You can also telephone them on 01482 336 322 or visit the Luv Hull website for more details.

Luv Hull website (link opens in a new window)

You can even test yourself for Chlamydia at home – visit the Luv Hull website to get a testing kit sent to you in the post.

Luv Hull website (link opens in a new window)

Don’t be embarrassed about getting yourself checked out, medical people see things like this every day.

STIs treatment

Most STIs can be easily treated but some STIs, including HIV, cannot be cured. Once you have been to your doctor, a nurse or clinic they will advise what the best treatment is for you.

The best way to avoid getting an STI is to always use a condom during any sexual activity. Condoms are the only contraception that protect against both STIs and pregnancy.

If I go to a doctor or a clinic will they keep my information private?

If you visit a doctor or clinic it’s important that you are honest about yourself and your sexual history. All information about you is kept confidentially. Only if the doctor or clinic thinks you are in serious danger will they discuss your information with someone who can help you. If this happens, they should discuss it with you first.

Can you catch an STI from a toilet seat?

You can't catch an STI (or get pregnant) from sitting on a toilet seat. To become pregnant sperm needs to go in or around the vagina.

Can you get an STI from anal sex, oral sex or fingering?

If you are having vaginal, anal or oral sex always use a condom. Condoms are your best protection from sexually transmitted infections.

It’s not common to catch STIs from manual sex (fingering) but there could be a small risk.

More information about STIs and getting tested

Find out more about STIs on the Luv Hull website (link opens in a new window)