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Access guide

Help for Keyboard Users

Keyboard access is useful for people who are unable to use a pointing device, such as a mouse, or who simply prefer to use the keyboard.

Access keys

Keyboard users can easily access the main sections of the Hull City Council website by the use of Access Keys. To use an Access Key follow these simple instructions -

  • Hold down the ALT key
  • Press the appropriate Access Key in the list below
  • Press Return.

You will then be taken to the page in question. For example, to go to the homepage from anywhere on the website, hold down ALT, press number 1, and then press return.

UK Government Standard Access Keys

Access guide - 0
Homepage - 1
Terms and conditions - 8
Contact us - 9

Other access keys for Hull Means Business

Business environment - e
New business - n
Support and resources - r
Success stories - s
Finance - f
Lifestyle - l
Events and news - v
Print - p
Back - b
Top - t


Tab index

The Tab Index of a website is the order in which elements can be accessed by pressing the Tab key. The Hull City Council website has been designed to ensure that the most frequently used parts of the website - for example the homepage - will feature early on in the tab sequence.

To access the Tab Index simply press the Tab key on the keyboard. Each subsequent press of the Tab key will then move the sequence along. You will be able to see which element in the Tab Index is selected as it will be surrounded by a dotted rectangle. To access that element, simply press return when it is surrounded by the dotted rectangle.