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Council tax

Council tax discounts and disregards

Council tax discounts

Single person discount
The full council tax bill is based on two adults living in a property as their main home. If only one adult lives there as their main home, the bill is reduced by 25 per cent. To apply for your single person discount fill in the single person discount application form which is available to download below.

It is important that if your circumstances change and you are no longer a single occupier you tell us as soon as possible. If you are late to inform us, we will backdate any change to when it happened. We check all accounts with a discount, matching the list of occupiers with those held by other agencies.

If you are only away from your home for a short period, intend to return to your property, and still keep your belongings in the property, it will still be classed as your main residence. Any remaining occupiers would not be entitled to a discount.

The application form for a single person discount is available to download below -

Council Tax Single Person Discount Review

Hull City Council annually reviews all Council Tax accounts where a customer is receiving a 25 per cent Single Person Discounts.

Checks are made by an external agency, as permitted by Section 29 (1) of the Data Protection Act 1998, show that there may be one or more additional undeclared adults over the age of 18 living in your property.  

If you receive a review form you must complete and return it within 21 days of the date on the letter.

You must complete -

Section 1 - to confirm you are the only adult over 18 living in your home, or
Section 2 - to confirm your circumstances have changed as you are no longer the only adult living in the property who is aged over 18. An amended Council Tax bill will be sent without the 25 per cent discount from the date of your change, or 
Section 3 - if you think an adult living with you should be disregarded.  

If you do not respond to the review form or second query letter your single person discount will be cancelled back to the beginning of the financial year and a revised bill issued.  If you disagree with our decision, you can appeal in writing with the reasons why within 21 days of the date of the revised bill.

To knowingly provide false information, may result in a fine under Schedule 3 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992 and retrospective charges may be applied to your Council Tax account. 

If you require any further information or assistance in the completion of this form please telephone 01482 300 300 or call into your local Customer Service Centre.

Members of the armed forces
Unfortunately we would be unable to grant a discount at the property if one of the occupiers is away in the armed forces. This is because the house would still be classed as their main residence for taxation purposes. This applies to all those in the armed forces throughout the country and is in accordance with the government guidelines.

However, all armed forces personnel deployed on operations overseas, who normally pay council tax, will now benefit from a tax-free payment on the cost of council tax paid directly by the Ministry of Defence. 

Council tax disregards

When we look at the number of adults who live in the property there are some people who, because of their circumstances, are not counted. This means that even if two adults live at the same address, if one of the adults falls into one of the below categories you still may qualify for a council tax discount.

Full time students
Those undertaking a course at university or college, for at least one academic year, of 24 weeks a year, and involves at least 21 hours of study a week in term time or those aged 20 or under, studying for more than three months and at least 12 hours each week for a qualification up to A – Level, ONC or OND standard.

Spouses of overseas students 
A non-British spouse or dependant of a student who is prevented by the terms of your permission to be in the UK from taking paid employment or from claiming benefits.

Foreign language assistants
If you are registered with the Central Bureau for Educational Visits and Exchanges.

Student nurses 
If you are on a course that leads to registration under any of parts 1– 6, or 8, of the register maintained under the Nurses, Midwives and Health Visitors Act 1979.

18 and 19-year-olds
Those in full-time further education at school or college on 30 April in the year you leave school will be disregarded until November in the same year. Also 18 to 20-year olds still in receipt of child benefit will not be counted.

Care workers
Those who are employed by, or have been introduced to a disabled person that employs you, by a local council, the Government or a charitable organisation. You must  live in the premises provided by your employer, and care for the disabled person for at least 24 hours per week for no more than £44 per week.

Those who provide care or support for at least 35 hours each week to someone who lives with you that has a disability, who is not a spouse, partner or child under 18. The person cared for needs to be entitled to at least one type of allowance or disablement pension.

If you are employed to learn a trade, and where the training leads to a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ). You must not earn more than £195 gross per week.

Youth training trainees
Those aged below 25 and be receiving training laid down in an individual training plan under the youth training scheme, such as TCT, Options, Future and Next Step.

Severely mentally impaired adults
Those certified by a doctor to be suffering from severe impairment of intelligence and social functioning, which appears to be permanent, for instance Alzheimer’s disease. You also need to be entitled to at least one of a number of benefits that include incapacity benefits, disability allowances, unemployment allowances or attendance allowances .

Those who are registered at an address but are on remand or in prison, unless you are imprisoned for non-payment of fines or council tax.

Homeless hostel or night shelter residents
If you have no other home than a short-stay hostel or night shelter that offers communal accommodation.

Members of religious communities
Those who live in a religious community such as a monastery or convent where you are dependent on them for your material needs and have no personal income or capital.

Hospital patients
Those who are permanently resident in hospital with no plans to move back to your previous home.

Residential care home, nursing home and hospice residents
If you are a permanent resident with no plans to move back to your previous home.

Visiting Forces
Members of visiting Forces and other international institutions and their dependants.

Second home discount
The term ‘second home’ refers to property anywhere in our area, which is furnished but not lived in by anyone as his or her main home.Unfortunately from 1 April 2013 no discount is available for properties which are classed as second homes. A single occupier discount would only apply for an occupier's main residence.

In some cases an owner can get a 50 per cent discount on a second home where they have to live in a property because of the terms of their contract of employment.

Please contact us or use the online enquiry form to claim this discount. We would need to see a copy of your council tax bill for your main home.

Empty and unfurnished properties
Between 1 April 2013 and 31 March 2017 a local discount of 100 per cent reduction in Council Tax for the first 28 days that a property was empty and unfurnished was applied. Properties that become empty on or after the 1 April 2017 will no longer have a discount applied.

A single occupier discount cannot be awarded for any unoccupied properties.

Uninhabitable properties
Unoccupied properties needing major work no longer receive an exemption and the full council tax charge is payable. In some cases, if a property is in severe disrepair or derelict, you can appeal to the Valuation Office to have the property deleted from the Council Tax lists. Any outstanding Council Tax would remain payable whilst the appeal is underway.

Properties empty for over two years
When a property has been empty for over two years a ‘long term empty premium’ can be applied. Hull City Council has decided to set a premium of 50 per cent, so the rate of council tax payable is 150 per cent for properties empty for over two years. 

This decision is in line with the council's policy on long term empty properties. The strategy is designed to return to use properties which have been empty for long periods and which can contribute to the decline of areas of the city.

Volunteer Reserve Forces
A person living on their own and who is a member of the Volunteer Reserve Forces, can apply for a 75 per cent council tax discount if they are enlisted for a period of 28 days or more at any one time.

Special constables
A special constable who is a council tax payer in Hull (or jointly / severally liable) would be able to claim a 50 per cent discount on their council tax.

For more information you can download our council tax discounts and disregards booklet or to apply you can download our council tax application form.

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