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Road safety

Speed is still the biggest single factor in crashes, even in cities, but when you add drink, drugs and tiredness, it can spell disaster.

We all have a responsibility to make the roads safer, as drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists, pedestrians or passengers…we can all do our bit to keep our streets a safe place for all.

Latest initiatives

Front Seat Treat

Front Seat Safety

Parents everywhere know how kids can pester, but in some cases as a parent you need to stand firm. Take the front seat of your car, kids love it and it’s often seen as a treat for them to see the road ahead, but there are hidden dangers and it literally is the most dangerous seat in the car.

You toddler by now can walk and talk freely and it’s often easy to think of them as ‘little adults’, yet they have no idea of the dangers that lurk in the front seat -

  • the seat belt is designed to exert pressure on an Adult body, a child’s skeleton cannot take the pressures put on it. It is also designed for the height of an adult (155cm) so on a child it will be across the neck or they even submarine (slip out from underneath the belt) and hurtle forwards
  • Airbags are a great safety feature but again they are designed in the front seat for an Adult. They are operated by an explosive charge and can cause serious injuries to adults, but a child’s body may not withstand the impact. Some cars you can switch off the bags, though even here because of the explosive charge they can still deploy in an accident regardless, that is why the Emergency services are very cautious around them. Some airbags need to be taken to the car dealer to be de-activated (at a cost) which means when an adult sits in the seat the next journey, their life is at risk!
  • the passenger seat in the front is statistically more likely to be impacted because the driver swerves away from an accident. This is hard wired into all of us, we cannot overcome this human nature but we have to live with the results - best not take the risk!
  • even with a car seat fitted in the front seat, the added dangers are too great to ignore
  • all new cars now have in their manual sections on transporting children and they generally advise not to transport children in the front seat unless there is no alternative. This may have insurance implications as in an accident, an Insurance Company could argue that you were not driving the car as per the Manufacturer’s instructions

Needless to say, the law has grey areas, and this is no exception. If you have all your seats in the rear taken up with kids already and the only spare seat is the front, this is acceptable but put the oldest child in the front and uses a high back seat to position the seat belt correctly (and don’t forget the airbag!). Alternatively, a rear facing infant carrier can be fitted in the front seat If the air bag is switched off. But again, they are still better on the back seat.

Safest to say, your child is always safer travelling in the backseat and always in a proper car seat.

You can get your free Good Egg Car Seat Guide using the access code GESHULL below opens in a new window)

Free car seat checks

car seats check

Did you know that 8 out of 10 seats tested in Hull were found not to be fitted correctly? Even a brand new seat fitted incorrectly can cause severe injuries, as the video of the crash test below shows. Most people think that as car design makes cars safer each year then car seats become less important. They forget that all the safety features we rely on are designed for adults and not children, now injuries to children in cars are on the increase.

Road safety always recommends you buy a car seat from a retailer who offers a fitting service as a few pounds saved online or from a discounter can not only be a false economy but a life changing experience too.

That is why Hull City Council in partnership with Good Egg Safety will be running a series of car seat clinics throughout the year, check below to find out when the next one is.

Check out the crash test video of a counterfeit car seat bought online (opens in a new window)

Find your nearest or next clinic (opens in a new window)

Rusty Riders logo'Rusty Riders'

In partnership with Sustrans, First Step Sports and the Bike Hub we have launched free adult cycle training called 'Rusty Riders’. Dates are available throughout the year and across the city. This two and a half hour programme is designed for existing and returning to cycling adults that wish to learn the skills and build confidence on the city's roads. Attendees will learn how to position themselves safely, right through to riding at major intersections, with the help of a team of qualified cycling instructors.

No bike? No worries, free cycle hire is available on the day, just ask.

To book a place and register online, please visit the website below.

Access the First Step website (link opens in a new window)

Alternatively telephone First Step on 01482 218 753.

When booking, you will pay a £5 deposit and on your completion you will receive some free cycling accessories and your £5 will be refunded too (If you fail to attend, the deposit will go towards the cost of the programme).

So, if the Tour de France, Tour de Yorkshire or even the successful Sky Rides inspire you, there has never been a better time to get in the saddle!

Discounted driver assessment for drivers 26 and under and 55 and over

If you want to improve and get more enjoyment out of driving, as a Hull resident you can take a driving refresher course for just £15 (usual price £45). The course is offered by the IAM in partnership with the Hull City Council Road safety team.

This course includes a personal driving assessment that promotes safer driving, picks up any bad habits and demonstrates ways to drive more economically. For younger drivers it will give be a great refresher and for older drivers it will give you confidence to continue driving safely into the future.

In addition to this, you can go on to do the full IAM Advanced Driving Licence and you'll be credited with £45 towards the cost of that course. By taking this course you can also benefit from a reduction in insurance costs.

Find out more about the courses and get your discount code (link opens in a new window)

Sorry Mate I Didn't See You                                        Check your mirrors

One of the biggest causes of accidents with two wheeled vehicles on our roads is the 'failure to look properly', or as the Police are often told 'sorry mate I didn't see you' (SMIDSY for short).

The number of cyclists and motorcycles are growing rapidly over the years so car drivers need to remember to check ALL mirrors prior to turning.

Cyclists and motorcyclists can do their bit too by making themselves more visible by wearing bright coats, high visibilty vests and lights, (even during daylight), and be especially cautious at traffic lights, particularly on the inside of buses and heavy goods vehicles. The number of blind spots around these types of vehicles is very high.  

Roads are a community resource with shared responsibilities - let's help each other to arrive home safely.

A joint initiative between Safer Roads Partnerships in York, The Humber, South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire has been devised to help people to become safer on our roads.

Access the Someone's son website (link opens in a new window)

Be Bright Be Seen

Even though dark winter nights seem far away, cyclists and pedestrians still need to keep themselves visible around the road.

The glare/reflection of the sun can easily affect motorist’s eyes and let’s not forget the good old British weather can change in an instant. So you may set off on your journey on a sunny morning but storm clouds can soon make it feel like a winter’s night!

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