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If a school cannot tackle unacceptable behaviour in any other way, they may use exclusion as a last resort.

Fixed period exclusion

This is where a child has been excluded from school for a set number of days. A child can be excluded for a fixed period of up to 45 school days each school year.

Once a child has had over 15 days of fixed period exclusions, a meeting of the school's governing body discipline committee will automatically be arranged. However, a parent or guardian can ask for a meeting of the discipline committee regarding any fixed period exclusion.

Children will get work to do while not at school, and we will tell parents the date when the child should come back to school.

Permanent exclusion

This is when a child is not allowed to go back to school until we decide whether they should go to the same school or a different one.

Only the headteacher of a school can recommend permanent exclusion. A meeting of the school's governing body discipline committee will be arranged within 15 school days of the permanent exclusion. At the meeting, a decision will be made either to allow the child back into the school or to exclude them from the school permanently.

In both types of exclusion, we will tell the parent or guardian about it immediately.

What happens when a child is permanently excluded
At first, children go to a pupil referral unit (PRU) instead of school. There are three PRUs in Hull - which one the child goes to will depend on their age.

  • Secondary school aged children - their cases will go to a panel of headteachers. They decide which school the child will go back into. We try to avoid all excluded children going only to the schools with vacancies. If you are unhappy with the school your child is sent to, you can appeal to an independent panel.

  • Primary school aged children - an education welfare officer will visit parents to give them advice on schools in the area. Parents can say which schools they would prefer and if there are vacancies, the child will get a place there. If the school is full, parents may have a right to appeal. The school will then work with the PRU to help the child fit back into mainstream school.

If a child is excluded twice during their school life, we aren't able to find another school until two years afterwards. These children stay at the PRU.

Will an exclusion affect my child's record?
A fixed term or permanent exclusion will stay on the child's record unless a pupil discipline committee overturns the exclusion. If the committee upholds the permanent exclusion, parents can appeal to an independent panel who may overturn the exclusion.

Pupil discipline committee meetings are always held after a permanent exclusion and are also held if the child is excluded for any 15 days in one term.

What to do if you think your child has been excluded unfairly
You can go to the pupil discipline committee, if there is one. You can request a committee if one has not been arranged, where you can give your side of the story. This could mean the exclusion is overturned.

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