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Dropped kerbs - maintenance

Pedestrian dropped kerb crossing enforcement

It is an offence to block or partly block a pedestrian dropped kerb crossing with a vehicle, unless you are temporarily caught in stationary traffic. In other words, you cannot park across a pedestrian dropped kerb crossing. This offence applies to all motorists, including -

  • blue badge holders
  • motorcyclists
  • permit holders

Cost of penalty charge notice

The penalty for parking fully or partly across a pedestrian dropped kerb is £70. 

How to pay

You can pay your penalty charge notice online, by telephoning 01482 300 300 or at one of our customer service centres.

Pay online buttonFind out more about paying your penalty charge notice

Challenging your PCN

If you feel that your penalty charge notice has been issued incorrectly, you can challenge the notice.

Please note if you pay the penalty charge notice, the case will be closed and any challenge against the notice will not be considered.

Find out more about challenging your penalty charge notice

Fixed penalty ticket (FPT)

The police are still able to issue a fixed penalty ticket (FPT) for this offence. If you receive a FPT, you should consult the ticket for advice on how to appeal and make payment.

Definition of a dropped kerb

A pedestrian dropped kerb crossing is defined as -

“…the area of a pedestrian dropped kerb crossing is set by the tactile paving stones or by the portion of pavement that has been dropped to the level of the highway or by the portion of highway that has been raised the level of the pavement, but does not included the sloped areas of pavement or highway that form the transition from one level to the next."

Pedestrian dropped kerbs help wheelchair users and people using mobility vehicles to cross the road. If you park across these crossings you will make it more difficult, and potentially dangerous, for people to cross the road.

Please note, there are no requirements for there to be any markings on the road to indicate a ‘no parking’ area in front of pedestrian dropped kerb crossing.

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