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Apply for a council home

Successful bids

This page explains what will happen if you are the highest bidder for a council property.

How we shortlist

Every Tuesday following the close of bidding, we run shortlists for our advertised properties and each property is offered to the first eligible applicant on the list.

If you are the first eligible applicant we will contact you by telephone.

If we can not contact you by telephone, we will write to you giving you five days to respond. The offer will be withdrawn if you do not respond within five days.

Keep your contact details up to date
It is really important that you make sure your contact details on your application are up to date. If we cannot contact you, we cannot offer you a property.  If you are going away and you cannot be contacted please let us know.

What happens once I have been contacted

If you are not a council tenant
We will arrange for a member of the housing team to interview you at the local information point or customer service centre.

At the interview we will -

  • ask you to provide proof of your identity and income. Please note that you must provide proof of identity for yourself and any persons moving with you, and give us all the relevant information on your current circumstances, before we rehouse you

  • check that all of the points awarded on your application still apply and that your circumstances have not changed
  • check for any previous tenancies with the council, former tenants’ arrears, recoverable orders and information from the Antisocial Behaviour Team
  • ask you about any unspent criminal convictions
  • request references from your current landlord or any tenancies you have held within the last two years

Please note that if you currently have a fixed term contract with a private landlord you may have to pay a penalty clause if you choose to end the agreement early.

  • offer you advice about credit union accounts, where to buy reasonably priced furniture, and tell you about grants, loans and benefits that you may be entitled to and advise on taking out home contents insurance

Find out more about Hull and East Yorkshire Credit Union (link opens in a new window)

Discover more about home contents insurance and how to apply

If the information you provide is satisfactory, your circumstances have not changed, and we receive positive references from your previous landlords, the offer of a property will be progressed. Please note that should we discover any previous unacceptable behaviour in any council or private tenancy, we may consider downbanding you to B and E which would give you a low priority disqualifying you from the housing list which means you would not be able to bid. In both these scenarios we would not offer you the property you had successfully bid for at that time.

Find out more about banding

If you are already a council tenant
You will be contacted by your neighbourhood housing officer who will contact arrange an appointment to visit you at home.

During the visit we will -

  • inspect each room of your home and check for any unauthorised alterations or damage to the property
  • check that your circumstances have not changed and that your points are correct
  • ask you to give up to date income details
  • check if you are in rent arrears
  • check whether you have committed antisocial behaviour

If the condition of your property is satisfactory, your application details are correct, you do not have rent arrears, and you have not committed antisocial behaviour then you will be 'cleared for transfer'. Your neighbourhood housing officer will inform the office responsible for your new property.

Viewing the property

When the property keys are available we will contact you by telephone to arrange a viewing of the property. If this is not possible we will send you a letter with a viewing date.

A housing officer wearing official council identification will meet you at the property, show you around each room, go through the Lettable Standard checklist with you and give you the Home Standard Leaflet.

You will then be given the chance to look around the property on your own.

You have 24 hours to decide whether to accept the property.

What you should you do to accept the property

If you wish to accept the property you should telephone your neighbourhood housing officer. They will then arrange an appointment for you to attend a sign up interview.

What you should do if you do not want to accept the property

If you wish to decline the property you should telephone your neighbourhood housing officer and you will be asked to complete a refusal form. If you are a band A or band B applicant, refusing the property could affect your priority award.

Once you have accepted the property

Once you have accepted the property we will arrange an appointment for you to attend a sign up interview.

At the sign up interview we will -

  • go through and explain the tenancy conditions with you

  • complete the necessary paperwork including a housing benefit form (if required)

  • give you information on how to report a repair and about tenant participation
    More information about tenant participation

  • ask you to sign the relevant agreement (introductory, secure tenancy or licence agreement)
    More information about council tenancy agreements

  • order a wheelie bin, blue bin and give other recycling advice if required

  • give advice on how to pay your rent, such as setting up a direct debit or standing order

  • order a swipecard for you to pay your rent

  • arrange for gas and electricity checks to be carried out at the property

  • give advice on free fire safety checks available from the fire service

Visit Humberside Fire and Rescue Service for more information (link opens in a new window)

It is a legal requirement for us to carry out live gas and electricity checks before you move in to the property so you will be asked to sign a form to say that you will not use the gas and electric until the checks have been carried out.

Once this interview is complete you will be given the keys and you will be the tenant or licensee of the property. The tenancy start date will be the Monday after your sign up interview and you will be responsible for paying your rent from this date. 

In the first 15 days of your tenancy

You will be visited during the first 15 days of your tenancy by your neighbourhood housing officer. During the visit, they will -

  • ensure that any outstanding repairs have been completed

  • take any other repair details from you

  • take confirmation of your moving in date and any additional proofs for your housing benefit claim (if required)

  • ask you to complete a satisfaction questionnaire to help us improve our services

  • offer leaflets and advice about relevant council services which may help you in your new home

Contact us

Hull City Council
PO Box 15

Tel: 01482 300 300
Text phone: 01482 300 349

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