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Mutual exchanges

A mutual exchange is where one tenant 'swaps' homes with another tenant with the agreement of their landlord(s).

Secure Hull City Council tenants, housing association tenants, charitable trust tenants and secure council tenants from other local authorities are all eligible to exchange homes with each other.

Mutual exchanges usually involve two tenants but exchanges involving three or more tenants are possible. When an exchange takes place everybody must move on an agreed date so that none of the homes are left empty. If you move without written permission from us you will have to move back to your original home.

Introductory (and demoted) tenants are not entitled to exchange homes. If you are not sure if this applies to you, contact your local information point.

Find out more about introductory council tenancies

Find your nearest information point

Finding someone to exchange with

We have partnered up with House Exchange, a national mutual exchange website which allows you to search for people to exchange homes with, locally and nationally. 
You will need to register onto House Exchange in order to search for potential matches or you can find a match yourself by advertising in local shops etc.

If you are a Hull City Council tenant you can register, search for matches and view the contact details of people you are interested in exchanging with free of charge. 

If your landlord has not partnered up with House Exchange you will still be able to register and search for matches free of charge, but to view the contact details of someone you are interested in exchanging with you will need to pay a small fee to upgrade your registration.

Register with House Exchange (link opens in a new window)

Mobile app for existing House Exchange users

If you are already registered with House Exchange you can use their mobile app to search for matches on your mobile phone. Type the address in your internet address bar and then you can save the page as a shortcut on your phone's homescreen.

Other ways to find someone to swap with

The best way to find a swap is to register with House Exchange. However, you can also advertise in local shops and post offices if you wish.
You must not offer money or goods to anyone to encourage them to swap homes with you.

After you find a swap

Step 1
You should check each other's homes before agreeing to move. You will become responsible for any repairs, alterations, or improvements carried out by the outgoing tenant.

Be careful when arranging to visit another person’s home. Do not visit on your own and always tell someone else where you are going. If the other tenant is coming to visit your home, ask someone to be at home with you for the visit. Further advice about precautions to take can be found on the Home Swap website.

Visit the Home Swap website for advice about swapping homes (link opens in a new window)

Step 2
You both need to fill in a mutual exchange form and hand it in at your local information point or customer service centre. The mutual exchange form is available to download below -

Step 3
If you are not already a Hull City Council tenant you will need to register on our housing list once you find somebody to swap homes with. If you are a Hull City Council tenant you do not need to do this.

How to register on Hull City Council’s waiting list

Step 4
If you are a Hull City Council tenant, your neighbourhood housing officer will check your home. They will also check that your rent account is not in arrears and that you do not have any other outstanding bills. Your move may be delayed if your home or garden are not in a good condition, you have rent arrears or other debts with us, or you have broken your tenancy agreement in any way.

If you are not a Hull City Council tenant, your landlord will carry out similar checks on your property and tenancy.

We will let you know if you can swap homes within six weeks.

Moving to a home owned by another landlord

Different landlords offer different tenancy conditions and the rent you pay may be different to the rent of the person you are swapping with. You should check this with the new landlord.

We will supply details about your current home, including information about your rent account and how your tenancy has been conducted with the other landlord.

If the move is approved

Once permission has been given in writing you will be invited to attend a meeting to sign some deeds to legally swap your homes. Once the deeds have been signed you must move. You will be the legal tenant of your new home and will have no rights to stay in your old home.

You will need to agree a date for moving and it is your responsibility to inform any companies that provide services to your home - for example gas, electricity, sewerage and water.


There are a number of reasons that we may refuse , including -

  • there is a court order in existence requiring you to give up possession of your home
  • a notice of seeking possession has been served due to one or more of your tenancy conditions being broken
  • it will result in one of the properties being overcrowded or significantly under-occupied
  • one of the homes is adapted or for older people, and if the swap took place there would no longer be a person meeting the criteria for the property living in the home

Contact us

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Tel: 01482 300 300
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