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Gambling Act 2005
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Licensed premises gaming machine permit and notifications

How many gaming machines can I have in my pub/liquor licensed premises?

We can issue licensed premises gaming machine permits for three or more category C or D machines (see below for details), providing that the applicant is the person named on the liquor licence and that they pay the prescribed fee.

We may also take into account any other matters which are considered relevant to the application, such as having regard to our Statement of Gambling Licensing Policy on licensed premises gaming machine permits.

What if I only want two machines or less?

There is an automatic entitlement to make two gaming machines or less available for use in alcohol licensed premises. To take advantage of this entitlement the person who holds the liquor licence, issued under the Licensing Act 2003, must give notice to us of their intention to make two or less gaming machines available for use, and must pay the prescribed fee of £50. 

Who can apply for this type of permit?

Applications must be made by the person or organisation who holds the Licensing Act 2003 “on premises” alcohol licence for the premises where the permit application is being made for. The premises must be within our authority boundary.

However, an application may not be made if a premises licence, issued under the Gambling Act, is already in effect at the premises.

What are the categories of machines available?

Category of machine

Maximum stake Maximum prize
C 50p £70
D 10p money prize £5 money prize
D 30p non-money prize £8 non-money prize

Who do I send my application to?

Democratic services
Licensing section
33 Witham
Kingston upon Hull

What can you do with my application?

In determining an application we must have regard to the licensing objectives and to the Guidance issued by the Gambling Commission. We may also take into account any other matters which are considered relevant to the application.

We may either grant or refuse an application. In granting the application we may alter the number and category of gaming machines authorised by the permit. If we grant the application, we must issue the permit as soon as possible after that. Where we refuse the application we must notify the applicant as soon as possible, setting out the reasons for refusal. We must not refuse an application, or grant it for a different number or category of machines, unless we have notified the applicant of our intention to do so and given the applicant an opportunity to make representations (orally or in writing or both).

How long does a licensed premises gaming machine permit last?

A permit has no expiry date and will continue in force for so long as the premises continues to have an alcohol licence and that the holder of the permit continues to hold that licence.

There is an annual fee of £50 for this type of permit, which must be paid within 30 days of the permit becoming effective. After that an annual fee of £50 is payable on the anniversary of the grant date of the permit.

A permit can be cancelled if the holder fails to pay the annual fee and the permit can also lapse if the holder surrenders it to us, the licensing authority.

Please note that the annual fee does not apply to a notification. 

Do I need to keep a copy of my permit on the premises?

The permit holder must keep the permit on the premises and it must be produced on request for inspection by the police, an enforcement officer or one of our officers. If the permit is lost, stolen or damaged, the holder may apply to us, the issuing authority, for a copy. The application must be accompanied by the fee of £15.

What if I have a change of circumstances?

The permit holder can apply to us to amend the permit to reflect a change in the holder’s name only.  We have to comply with the request, provided the fee of £25 is paid.

The holder may apply to change the number and/or category of machines authorised by the permit by making a variation application. This variation must also be accompanied by the fee of £100.

Can you, as the licensing authority, cancel a permit?

Yes. We may only do so in specified circumstances which include -

  • if the premises are used wholly or mainly by children or young persons
  • if an offence under the Act has been committed.

In addition, we can also cancel a permit if the holder fails to pay the annual fee.

The court may order that the permit be cancelled if the holder is convicted of a relevant offence.

Before we cancel a permit we must -

  • notify the holder (giving them 21 days notice of intention to cancel)
  • consider any representations made by the holder
  • hold a hearing if requested
  • comply with any other prescribed requirements relating to the procedure to be followed

When we cancel a permit the cancellation does not take effect until the period for appealing against that decision has past, or, where an appeal is made, until the appeal is determined. The appeal is made via the Magistrate’s Court.

Can you, as the Licensing Authority, cancel a notification?

Yes, if the code of practice regarding the location and operation of a gaming machine is not complied with. The cancellation procedure is the same as that of a permit.


Notification fee* £50
Transitional application fee (existing s.34 holder)  £100
New permit       £150
First annual fee (payable 30 days after grant) £50
Annual fee (payable on anniversary of grant) £50

*no annual fee is payable on a notification

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