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Fitness sessions and prices

A list of the fitness sessions including their descriptions and prices.

Session name Description Cost
Abs Sculpt (30 mins)

Focus on your abs in this express session, with exercises to tone, shape and strengthen your core and tone your torso

Aqua Light A fun, gentle, low impact class in shallow water combining both light cardiovascular and resistance based exercises. This is a 45 minute class to suit all fitness levels. The water reduces impact on the joints and supports up to 85 per cent of body weight, making it a perfect environment for the more mature, those with injuries or limitations, who are new to exercise or wish to return to an active lifestyle. £3.10
Aqua Burn

Be prepared to work hard in this class, aqua class aimed at boosting your metabolism with a combination of cardio and resistance training, control your own intensity and make this as easy or as hard as you like. All fitness levels.

Bootcamp Challenge your body with a mix of cardio and resistance exercises military style. This full body workout can be adapted to suit all fitness levels. £4.85
Buggy workout Move with your pram, buggy or stroller. Keep your child with you. Step to the side to take a break with your little one whenever you need to. Also suitable for pre natal ladies with our highly qualified pre and post natal instructor. £2.45
Cardio Combat

Using simple choreography, with a variety of kicks and punches this class will certainly raise your heart rate with the various combinations, with the added bonus of a little stress relief with the use of padwork built in and a fun way to get fit.

Cardio Cycling

45 minutes of excellent cardio workout on the indoor cycles - work out to a great beat in the music to motivate you and have you toned and feeling great.

Cardio Light Come and join us for an all round shape up class. With easy to follow choreography and fun filled music, let us take you through a range of aerobic and toning exercises with a range of low impact moves and light resistance weights to help you feel fitter, stronger and re energised. Ideal for the more mature, those with injuries or limitations and new or returning to exercise. £3.10
Cardio Moves

A low to high impact class consisting of choreography at varying speeds followed by floor toning exercises targeting the whole body.

Cardio Tone A class with varying intensity and simple choreography. With added weights, be prepared to work hard and feel the burn, working to develop tone, definition and raise your heart rate, this total body conditioning approach using dumbbells and body bars and a whole lot of reps. All levels.      £4.85
Club fit A fantastic workout with a great vibe. Dim the lights, move to the beat, burn calories and improve your cardiovascular fitness while having fun. £4.85
Circuit Fitness

Come and kick start your body and mind. A fantastic exhilarating circuit class using a variety of exercises to set yourself up each week. This session allows you to challenge yourself to the level you feel comfortable with. Aiming to raise the heart rate, increase definition and body tone. Exercises are done in timed sets so you do what you can in the time and build up at your own pace.

Fit Mix Every session will include something different and be ever changing. You will find in the mix over the weeks, toning, combat interval training, aerobics and much more. Join in. You will never tire of this class.  £4.85
Fit Steps This is a fitness class delivered through dance, the emphasis is on improving people's fitness levels in an enjoyable up - tempo environment. £3.10
Junior Gym

We offer daily supervised gym sessions for juniors aged 11-15 years old in the Kingston's fitness suite. Juniors who wish to attend these sessions must have undertaken a gym induction.

Junior Gym Induction

Juniors are given a full induction into the use of the equipment located in the Kingston's gym by a qualified gym instructor. On completion of the induction the juniors can attend the daily gym sessions.

Junior sessions A dedicated session for juniors at all our sites. £2.80

The Pilates exercise system is designed to elongate, strengthen and restore the body to balance, so much more than just building a 'strong core' or 'perfect posture'.


PiYo is a hybrid, athletic workout, which combines the mind and body practices of yoga and pilates as well as the principles of stretch, strength training, conditioning and dynamic movement. During a PiYo class, you will find yourself in a yoga pose one minute and down in a pilates pose the next.

Power Blitz

You choose your intensity and level in this high intensity interval training (HIIT) session. This class burns a large number of calories and increases your metabolism, whilst toning at the same time. Work your body and core in the same session. This class can also be adapted to all fitness levels.

Star track athletics

A six or seven week athletics course.

Price on application - please ask at reception
Step and sculpt

This class has a combination of work on the steps and exercises to tone the whole body. This will improve cardio fitness and muscle definition.

Step into Combat

A fun filled class consisting of medium intensity step followed by boxing moves and intensive abdominal exercises.

Total body - stretch and tone Work deep to your core to tone and strengthen your body while keeping muscles stretched and balanced leaving you feeling relaxed and energised. £4.85
Wake up Shake up

Work out in timed sets to tone the whole body, raise the pulse rate to increase cardio vascular fitness using various fitness equipment, dumbbells, mats, body bars and bikes. 

Yoga Develop and increase your tone, flexibility and balance. Reduce stress levels and learn to relax. £4.85

This fantastic dance based work out is a fun way to keep in shape and burn off the caIories.


'Us Mums' sessions and prices

A list of the fitness sessions including their descriptions and prices.

Session name Description Cost
Aqua Natal

A gentle water based exercise class. It is great for helping pregnancy niggles, improving mood and getting back into exercise after having your baby. Once your baby has arrived, you can bring them with you as we have inflatable seats for them to splash along with you!

Bootcamp You will experience a variety of interval and timed exercises to help build muscular strength and endurance. You can expect to be involved in fun activities and work in groups/partners with a range of equipment to get fir without even knowing it. £2.45
Boxing Exercise

This session focuses on boxing specific exercise. Mums work in pairs and use boxing gloves, sparing pads, mats, skipping ropes and resistance bands. The session works a variety of areas such as cardio vascular fitness, endurance and strength. The session has fun fitness challenges and can be tailored from beginner’s right up to regular exercising mums.

Buggy Exercise This is a fun outdoor fitness activity working on strength and fitness using the buggy. Babies need to be secured into the buggy throughout the session for safety. The session is a mixture of interval and endurance training. £2.45
Cardio Pilates A great session consisting of cardio vascular and Pilates exercises. You will focus on developing core strength, flexibility, balance, stamina and also cardio vascular fitness. This is a low impact activity session that will help you to ease back into exercising after having your baby as well as helping you to keep you active whilst pregnant. £2.45
Legs, Bums and Tums

A fabulous class bringing together toning and aerobic fitness to specifically target the lower body.

Mixed Exercise

Our Mixed Exercise session is great if you want to try new things or just want a variation of exercises as this session is slightly different each week – you can expect to get involved in core exercises, cardio vascular, resistance training and other types of exercise.

Parents and Tots Dance It’s time to put on your dancing shoes and get moving! Parent and Tots Dance combines fun exercise and movement to music that all the family can enjoy. Playing songs both you and your child will enjoy, the dance session will help you get fit, healthy and happy, whilst watching your child grow and develop new motor skills, improve co-ordination and enhance their social abilities. £2.45
Yoga and Relaxation

Our Yoga and Relaxation session helps you to relax your mind and body with your baby by your side as well as enhancing your wellbeing, strengthening your body and improving your posture. During this session you can expect to perform different no impact bodyweight exercises followed by breathing exercises and relaxations techniques.

Zumba Come and join a Latin inspired cardio dance workout that use music and choreographed steps to form a fitness party atmosphere. These sessions help to raise your energy levels and work your entire body through dance based movements. £2.45

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