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Hull Public Health Profiles

Public Health Profiles have been developed for each of Hull's 21 wards, as well as seven Area Committee Areas, the three Localities within Hull and Hull overall. Each 17-page profile contains analyses from a range of sources, including local surveys (the most recent being from 2019), the 2011 census, national surveys and the Public Health Outcomes Framework, as well as the Public Health Mortality File (PHMF) and the Public Health Births File (PHBF). While most data are available for the current wards in Hull, in some cases (mortality data, births data and hospital admission data) data are only available at a different level of geography. Where this is the case, the values for current wards are estimated. Once data are available for the current wards, these profiles will be updated.

The ward level Public Health Profiles can be accessed by clicking on the relevant wards in the map below. The current ward boundaries and names are in purple, while the old wards are shaded and are labelled in black. Clicking anywhere within a purple boundary will open the ward profile for that ward in a new window.

The seven Area Commiittee Areas, made up of groups of wards, for which profiles have also been produced, are as follows: Foredyke (containing Kingswood, North Carr and West Carr wards), Northern (containing Beverley and Newland, Orchard Park and University wards), East (containing Ings, Longhill and Bilton Grange and Sutton wards), Park (containing Holderness, Marfleet and Southcoates wards), Riverside (containing Drypool, Newington and Gipsyville and St Andrew's and Docklands wards), West (containing Boothferry, Derringham and Pickering wards) and Wyke (containing Avenue, Bricknell and Central wards).

Public Health Profiles are also aviallable for Hull as well as North Hull, East Hull and West Hull.

Public Health Profiles for Hull by local deprivation fifths are also available, with profiles for the most deprived fifth of areas of Hull, the 2nd most deprived fifth of areas of Hull, the third most deprived fifth of areas of Hull, the 4th most deprived fifth of areas of Hull and the least deprived fifth of areas of Hull.

Alternatively, a tabular list of all the available Public Health Profiles may be found here.

Map of Hull wards

Map of new and old wards in Hull Longhill and Bilton Grange Marfleet Southcoates Holderness Ings Sutton North Carr West Carr Drypool Beverley and Newland Orchard Park University Bricknell Central Avenue Boothferry Derringham Newington and Gipsyville St Andrew’s and Docklands Pickering


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List of Hull Public Health Profiles


North Hull


North Carr
West Carr


Beverley and Newland
Orchard Park

East Hull


Longhil and Bilton Grange



West Hull


(Although part of Riverside Area Committee Area, Drypool is also in East Hull.)
Newington and Gipsyville
St Andrew’s and Docklands





Deprivation fifths

Most deprived fifth
2nd most deprived fifth
3rd most deprived fifth
4th most deprived fifth
Least deprived fifth

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