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Health Equity Audits

There are various definitions of equity and of health equity audits, but essentially a health equity audit identifies how fairly services or other resources are distributed in relation to health 'need' of different groups and areas, and assesses the success of programmes which aim to improve any inequity that is found.

Health equity was defined as

i) Equity in health – the absence of systematic disparities in health with all groups entitled to the highest attainable standard of health
ii) Equity of access or opportunity – equal access to services for equal need.

Further details on the definitions used can be found within the relevant disease-specific Hull JSNA Toolkit reports and Glossary as well as each of the equity audits listed below.

A number of health equity audits have been completed across Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire. Each equity audit has been slightly different, but in general has followed a similar process of examining disease-specific data to assess the underlying overall health needs, examining health inequalities in more detail in relation to gender, sex, deprivation and other groups where information allowed, examining national recommendations and guidelines specifically for the disease, assessing the provision of local services in relation to reducing inequalities, and using the information to generate recommendations. Not all the information is available for all equity audits, and the Hypertension Equity Audit was a smaller project, with a less detailed final report. Population structure, diagnosed prevalence, modelled prevalence, primary care prescribing, hospital admissions, and mortality were examined, where the data was available.

The following equity audits are available:

Stroke Equity Audit – September 2011
Hypertension Equity Audit – February 2011
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Equity Audit – December 2010
Diabetes Equity Audit – October 2008
Mental Health Equity Audit – March 2007
Cancer Equity Audit – July 2006
Coronary Heart Disease Equity Audit – September 2005

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