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City Plan - ambitions and priorities 
City Plan - who will lead and deliver it 

City Plan - introduction

Hull faces some big issues and challenges – but now has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to regain its status as a dynamic and thriving European port-city.

The developing City Plan is about tackling these issues and seizing this opportunity. It’s about bringing the whole of Hull together to set out -

  • a clear goal and ambitions for the city over the next 10 years
  • what needs to happen, when it will be delivered and who’s involved
  • how the lives and opportunities of local people will be improved as the plan is delivered
  • what it will mean for the city as a whole and wider region.

City Plan - why we need it

Hull is a great city, and the quality of life in the city continues to improve. 

But there is still a long way to go – the welfare bill in Hull costs the government over £800m.The city has the highest job seeker allowance level in the country and just to match average levels, over 7,500 more people would have to be in work. 

Being at the heart of the Hull and Humber City Deal (Energy Estuary) will help it to work more closely with government to unlock improvements.  But, like all cities now, we need to have a single, distinct story for Hull itself, which accelerates that improvement in people’s lives, creates a sustainable future, and defines Hull’s unique position in England.

City Plan - the big idea and the benefits

The main aim of the City Plan is to create 7,500 jobs for local job-seekers over the next 10 years.

Creating these jobs for local people will improve income, health and skills levels and our city will turn a corner .

Find out more about the priorities of the City Plan and some of the key projects that will help Hull achieve the main goal:  to create and sustain jobs in Hull.

City Plan - how it differs from previous plans

The social and political environment is changing vastly – cities have to be much more competitive or they will be left to just manage decline: the City Plan seeks to put Hull back on the map using its natural and historical advantages. 

And plans in the past have sought to be all things to all people – this plan is about unlocking Hull’s unique factors, and getting the whole city (including much more input from the business sector) behind a single set of priority actions, rather than trying to do everything.

The City Plan is not a council plan. Although the council will play its part, leadership is needed from all parts of the city. The work to develop the plan so far has involved a whole range of organisations from the public, private and voluntary and community sectors.

When published later this year, the on-line plan will be a dynamic, interactive document that will continue to evolve as local people and all who have a stake in Hull’s future are given the opportunity to contribute their ideas.

What stage is the Plan at?

The Plan has been developed by the City Leadership Board and was endorsed by the Council in May 2013.

Read the Cabinet Report: Adopting the City Plan as the Council's strategic direction (Opens in new window)

When will I be able to view the Plan?

The Plan will be launched on-line in the autumn. If you don’t have access to the web at home, work or school, you will also be able to view the Plan at public and community buildings across the city or by attending a series of City Plan road show events. We’ll publicise these events via the local media and in local communities.

Learn more about who will lead and deliver the plan


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