Online bidding for a new home

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<p><b>To view available properties, please select the link on the left of this page. If the link is not displayed this means there is no current void edition.</b></p>

<b>BEFORE YOU BID</b> <p>Information about how to register on our housing list and how we allocate our homes is available by following the 'Apply for a council home' link above.

Please make sure you read all of the important information about bidding before you place your bids.</p>

<b>LOG ON using the link to the left of this page</b>
<p>To bid, you must first add the property to your 'basket'. Then you must view your basket and confirm the bid in order for it to be placed</p> <p>To bid for a sheltered property you must be 55 or over AND registered on our sheltered housing list. Please contact the HomeSearch Team on 01482 300 300 if you would like to discuss this further. Don't forget to <b>LOG OFF</b> when you have placed your bids!</p>

<b>WEEKLY ADVERTS</b> <p>Our adverts are published weekly on a Thursday morning.

Bidding will normally close the following Monday at 5pm (this may change over public holidays so please check each advert carefully).

Bids received after the advert has closed will not be considered. Make sure you allow enough time to place your bids before the deadline</p>

<b>NOMINATIONS TO OTHER HOUSING PROVIDERS</b> <p>Sometimes other social landlords will advertise their properties in our advert.

If you bid for one of these properties it will count as one of your bids for that bidding cycle.

By bidding for a property with another provider you are agreeing to be nominated to them and this will involve sending them your details.</p>

<b>FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED PROPERTIES</b> <p>We may advertise some properties on a first come, first served basis on the 'Lets Help You' website at ''</p>

Please check the Lets Help You website as well as browsing through our normal available properties using the links on the left hand side.

<p><b>We expect a high volume of people using the website on Thursdays when bidding opens. If you encounter any problems signing in or placing bids on Thursdays please be aware that it is not a first come first served process and you have until bidding closes (usually the following Monday at 5pm) to place your bids</b></p>